Jones Ford Verde Valley - A head to head comparison of a 2016 Ford Expedition to a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser in Ergonomics near Verde Valley, AZ.

  • Jones Ford Verde Valley Journal
  • Feb 5th 2017 - 347 days ago
  • Verde Valley, AZ
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Compared To Toyota Land Cruiser 2016

The Expedition offers a remote vehicle starting system, so the vehicle can be started from inside the driver\'s house. This allows the driver to comfortably warm up the engine before going out to the vehicle. The climate system will also automatically heat or cool the interior. The Land Cruiser doesn’t offer a remote starting system.

The power windows standard on both the Expedition and the Land Cruiser have locks to prevent small children from operating them. When the lock on the Expedition is engaged the driver can still operate all of the windows, for instance to close one opened by a child. The Land Cruiser prevents the driver from operating the other windows just as it does the other passengers.

In case you lock your keys in your vehicle, or don’t have them with you, you can let yourself in using the Expedition’s exterior PIN entry system. The Land Cruiser doesn’t offer an exterior PIN entry system.

The Expedition’s power mirror controls are mounted on the armrest for easy access. The Land Cruiser’s power mirror controls are on the dash, hidden behind the steering wheel, where they are awkward to manipulate.